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Official Visitaion to Biggs Lions Club - July 16, 2014

posted Aug 9, 2014, 8:16 AM by Lawrence Davies
Our first visitation of the year was to Biggs Lions Club where Lion Faye "politely asked to borrow" their Tail Twister's pot.  This was after their Tail Twister discovered it was missing and frantically began to ask if anyone had seen it.
Ophir Lions in attendance were 1stVP Garry Rankin, Secretary Carol M. Ciccone, Lion Tamer and 1-Year Director Sharon Hinton, 2-Year Directors Faye Mulholland and Barbara Nash.
Lion Barbara gave a brief presentation on the City of Hope for the District and was not counted in our official guest visitation count.
Lion Garry is particularly interested in learning more about Biggs Lions Club high school scholarship program.
We are looking forward to a return visitation from Biggs Lions Club to retrieve their Tail Twister Pot  on Thursday, August 14th.